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Keynote du 7 juin 2010

Keynote du 7 juin 2010:

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10:25AM « As you can see we have the obvious tapping mechanics. With the introduction of a new strumming mechanic, our team has made gameplay perfect. »

10:24AM « The game comes with classic rock from Queen and the Rolling Stones… »

10:24AM « We developed a brand new experience for the iPhone and iPod touch… »

10:23AM « Next up, Activision. Karthik Bala is here to tell us about Guitar Hero. »

10:23AM Available end of June.

10:22AM « Thanks, that’s our game! »

10:22AM We’re guessing this is really awesome if you play Farmville. We don’t. Play it.

10:22AM « With Farmville on the iPhone, you’ll be able to farm anytime, anywhere. But I’m most excited about how good tractoring just got. »

10:21AM « We now have withering crop push notifications. » Big laughs.

10:21AM In app purchases for the marketplace… if that’s your thing. Ha! « Is that a Snow Leopard? » « It sure is, and it’s only on the iPhone. »

10:20AM « We have over 70m active users. They’ve raised over $2m for Haiti. » Demo time. Ah, syncs with your Facebook farms, apparently.

10:19AM « Thank you for having us today. Today we’re introducing ‘Farming’ for the iPhone. ‘Farmville’ is our most popular game, and we’re excited to bring it to the most popular mobile platform in the world. »

10:19AM Steve is back. « That’s great. Next up, zygna. Let me have them explain it. » Mark Pincus from Zygna is out.

10:18AM « Netflix is taking advantage of Apple’s adaptive bitrate technology. And it allows us to seamlessly switch between networks. » Oh snap — 3G is a go.

10:17AM Search, instant queue… yep… Netflix. On the iPhone.

10:17AM You can pick up your viewing place from iPad to iPhone (we assume other streaming you’re doing on Netflix say… on the Xbox…)

10:17AM Demo time!

10:16AM « We just launched Netflix for the iPad, and it’s been a huge success. It’s the #1 most downloaded in entertainment apps. But I’m happy to announce Netflix for iPhone coming this summer, for free. »

10:16AM Reed Hastings from Netflix is out!

10:16AM « I’d like to highlight the eBay app — a quote from John Donovan about the massive sales eBay has done in the iPhone app — $600m. » « Now I’d like to talk about something else… Netflix, Netflix on the iPhone. »

10:15AM « If you were in our shoes, you’d be rejecting for the same reasons. Even with this, 95% are approved in seven days. Sometimes you read these articles and you think something is going on… »

10:14AM « What about the ones we don’t approve? Well why is that? What are the reasons? 1: the app doesn’t do what you said it would. 2: It uses private APIs… and if they change the app will break… and the third reason? They crash. »

10:13AM « Guess what? 95% of all apps submitted are approved within 7 days. »

10:13AM « So we have two platforms we support. Now you’ve heard about our process of approving apps. We get about 15k submissions a week. They come in at up to 30 different languages. »

10:12AM « Anyone can write HTML5 apps. The second one is the App Store. It’s the most vibrant app store on the planet. »

10:12AM « Next, I’d like to talk about the App Store. Before I do that, I want to make something clear. We support two platforms: HTML5 — it’s a completely open, uncontrolled platform. And we fully support it. »

10:11AM « So PDF viewing built right in. That enhancement will be out later this month. So that is my update for the iPad. »

10:10AM « We’re also adding PDF viewing in the app. We’ve put a selector right up top, you can select PDFs, you get a whole new bookshelf. They just look gorgeous. »

10:10AM « Publishers tell us that sales of there eBook sales are at 22% right now. 22% in iBooks. We’re making some changes today — notes, you can make notes right here, new bookmarks, and a new page displaying your notes and bookmarks. »

10:08AM « A friend of mine wrote this, and he sent me an email and he said I could use it. I earned more in the first day of selling Elements than I did in the past 5 years of Google ads on » Ouch

10:07AM « Here’s an app that’s really cool — it’s called The Elements. »

10:06AM Big cheers — and Steve is back out. « We’re in 10 countries today, we’ll be in 19 by July. So there are now 8500 iPad apps in the app store. It can run iPhone apps too. These 8500 apps have been downloaded over 35m times. That’s about 17 apps per iPad that have already been downloaded. That’s a great number. Let me show you a few. »

10:05AM Yes, people are freaking out all over the world about the iPad. Really really freaking out.

10:05AM « We’re selling one every 3 seconds. We’ve started shipping international… and we have a little real of press coverage, can we roll that? » A clip of international coverage of the iPad…

10:04AM « It is magical, I know it because I got this email: I was sitting in a café with my iPad, and it got a girl interested in me!. » « So there’s proof. » Huge cheers.

10:03AM « I want to give you some updates, and I want to start with the iPad. It’s changing the way we experience the web, email, photos, maps, video, you name it. It’s a whole new way to interact with the internet, apps, content and media. »

10:03AM « We’re excited about this year’s conference and thrilled to have you here. »

10:02AM « We apologize to folks who couldn’t be here… this is the biggest place we can get, so… anyway. » Laughs!

10:02AM « We have a great conference for you this week. Over 5200 attendees, 57 countries, and we sold out in eight days. »

10:01AM Wow, lots of flashes going off right now. « Thank you. It’s great to be here. Thank you so much. » « We love you Steve! » « Thanks I think. »

10:01AM Huge applause! Steve is out!

10:00AM Okay… the lights are dimming in time with the song’s end. Something might be happening. Like now.

9:59AM Hmm… « What a Wonderful World » just came on. Loud.

9:56AM « Welcome to WWDC 2010 — please turn off your cellphones and PDAs. » PDAs!? Thank you for being a friend, Apple.

9:51AM It’s your last chance for predictions! Better get them in in comments before it all gets underway. We predict there’s going to be a new Mac Plus. The Plus 3GS.

9:46AM The room is filling up rather quickly. Certainly the media folks have gotten settled by now, but lots of attendees are streaming in.

9:38AM Hey, if you guys want, click on that Digg badge and vote us up. No pressure, but if you don’t a puppy will die.

9:37AM We think they mean to calm everyone down with this music, which makes sense since crazies were literally shoving people out of the way to get to seats. Engadget lost a tooth.

9:29AM Jazz… what could it mean? the iTrumpet? Probably.

9:29AM We’re in our seats with just about a half hour to go. The vibe is pretty electric here — but there’s some smooth jazz playing on the sound system.

8:51AM We’re outside the doors about to head in. There will be a stampede, and we will be crushed.

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